Kick-Ups Adventures at Home

A downloadable Activity Guide for parents to continue their children’s
physical and sporting development at home, through the power of play
and imagination!

The guide is 50+ pages that include everything you need to know.

There are sections for The Big Person, Coaching at Home, Setting Up,
Skills/Techniques, Warm-Ups, and The Stories.

The stories follow Kick’o Hippo, Catch’o Crocodile, and friends as the
explore an ever-expanding world learning about sports, the
environment, culture, and much more!

Adaptable courses that are great for siblings and only children. There
are resources for parents to recreate the equipment with household
objects and printable templates.

Equipment will be available on our website as soon as trade restrictions
are relaxed.

How it works:

Pups & Bunnies ( 2 – 3 years )

Little 5’s ( 4 – 5 years )

Big 5’s ( 6 – 8 years )

There is a basic Activity Guide (R150) for Each age group that includes DIY equipment templates, Warm-up exercises, Skills and Techniques to practice and 3 Stories (games). Available Now!

Parents can also purchase more games to add to their guide, as well as warm-up and skill bundles (R40 each) Available Soon…









First, choose the appropriate activity guide for your champion’s age. Remember Pups & Bunnies are 2 – 3 yr olds, Little 5’s are 4 – 5 yr olds and the Big 5’s are 6 – 8 yr olds.

Complete the order form below and make sure you have included the correct age group for your activity guide, send us proof of payment, and we’ll send you a link to download your activity guide and DIY template.

If you have already got your activity guide and you want to purchase games and bundles to add to the guide then you need to know which ones to choose once they are available.
‘Future Champion’ labelled products are our beginner level games and bundles. These are designed for children that have had very little exposure to sports.
Champions in Training labelled products are intermediate level games and products. These are for children that have mastered the Future Champion Level adventures.
Young Champions are for more experienced champions that love sports and exercise and find the future champion games too easy.

However, these age groups and difficulty levels are just a guide. We welcome everyone to explore the options!

Complete the order form below, making sure to include the name of your game or bundle, the difficulty level labelled, and your child’s age group; then, send us proof of payment and we’ll send you a download link for your game or bundle.

Here is a sneak peek of what you’ll get (key-info omitted):


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